About me

小林 和寿

I started playing at the age of 21 and learned various theories of theater, did a lot of professional work, and at the same time learned various martial arts, samurai, qigong, and also jazz dance and hula dance. I have lived with the thought that “become real as an actor and expressor , active in the world, and want to contribute to the world!”
How much can people go to heights? I think that it is my own mission to give human potential, dreams, courage and hope to many people through challenging postures.

As a Japanese actor, I hope that I will be a cultural bridge to the world through slaughter. Currently, I have a contract with a Hollywood agent and I am working to obtain a visa for the US challenge. We will challenge the world with the technology and minds of Japanese actors we have cultivated so far.
What kind of drama is waiting from now on?

to be continue….

Japnese sword performance

Performance Theme
“Why are we born and where do we live?”
The theme of the fundamental question of human beings is the sword, the spirituality of the wolf and the four seasons of Japan, expressing “the preciousness, beauty and infinite potential of the lateness of life.”
In a world where the hope and purpose of life are diminished, it is hoped that each of the people who watched through the work will face with themselves and be a new departure for tomorrow. (I will go to school, company events, various places. I hope that many generations of people can watch it.)

Past works

2012 year title “tengu” “I’m feeling” womb
Even if a bloody man fights against Tengu, no enthusiasm comes, and he practices under Tengu, and eventually he goes back to the world knowing the real strength.
An entertainment piece with overwhelming killings and comedy.

2013 ~ formed a team called 至 (slaughter, DJ. Japanese drum)
He has been active in various places by himself, produced and starring.
Title “voice of bell of Gion
Commentary “The two people who fight and hate each other hurt each other, and are reborn but repeat the same mistakes. God tries to make it noticed, but they do not notice.
and again. . .

Akihabara udx building underground parking lot, Kinno Shrine, Tsukiji Honganji,
Live House “Mandara” etc …

2017 title “spring, summer, autumn and winter”
Work commentary “A human being’s suffering, conflict and joy are expressed through the four seasons.
It has hope in spring, burns in summer, mourns in autumn, withers in winter, and new life sees sprouts and knows true joy. ~ Winter is always spring ~ ~ “

Perform at a company event party at Kamisu Ariston Hotel
We make new attempt only for two people and one Japanese drum and get popularity with foreign countries.

Action coach

So far, I have learned various theater theories at the same time as killing, action, martial arts, Zen, and Qigong. In it, while standing up at the shooting site, performance, and the professional site, they learn and create their own methods, and they give instructions on killing and action.
Match the other person and create a scene with the other person living in the space in the rules. It is exactly the same as a play. In martial arts, it is sometimes called “inheritance of righteousness” in the case of “doing”.
Nowhere in the world, there’s no stop, and there’s a scent that only you can keep moving with the other person.
I think that sense is very important in expression. Everything is connected.
After thoroughly acquiring the absolute rules, techniques, and actions of killing, we will simultaneously refine the important “body, breathing, sense, and spirit” as an express user. Find the unique flavor and personality unique to that person, create an absolute presence.

“IAI”  Martial arts

I have learned various martial arts so far.
In me, I think that the use of sense of theater, slaying, action, martial arts is the same.
Until now, I found that common thing and used it for the play.
Of course, martial arts and slaughtering forces are completely different in how to cut, in space, express and use.
There are things that can be seen by clearly distinguishing them.

There are many other things in common in martial arts, plays and killings, such as “I can feel concentration, breathing, rhythm, feel the other person, live in the moment.”
I value Iai very much in martial arts.
Iai is a type, but it is said to be a moving moth, there is a drama in the type, there is breathing and skill, Tanda, you can go to make the right body.
There are things that lead to a play, an act that goes through the practice of one type thoroughly and goes to nothing. There is a presence and soul that only people can do there.

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