[Thank you on the stage and new goals]

Thank you so much for everyone who came to my stage yesterday! !

Thank you very much for the support and support of so many people.
I would like to thank you again and again for taking this opportunity
There are many reflections, but I am very happy that many people have made direct comments and shared on FB! Thank you!

This work. In my own first attempt it is still just born.
I would like to grow, polish, and challenge the English version for the Hollywood show in June.
And, “new my goal”
I would like to declare one of them today by taking this opportunity!
(There are others but it will be different again)

that is,
Establish a “new genre” in the world through this work! !
That’s it.

A stage where you can not see it, but it resonates and feels even the soul that everyone can not understand in words.
I will create a stage of one of such a new sense genre day by day.

We will be indebted to you all, but thank you for your kind ^ ^

Kaz Kobayashi